Max Shepherd is well-decorated Vietnam war vet and recipient of the Purple Heart. After the war, he became a special undercover agent for the Department of Defense, where he spent six years conducting undercover operations throughout Europe and Asia. He also successfully fought a case against the U.S.
Government that made it possible for all vets who have been diagnosed with multiple tumors relating to dioxin use in Vietnam to bring a claim against the government.

Retired from undercover work now, Max divides his time between Florida, Cape Cod, and Europe, and when he is not writing, he gets his fill of adventure from the great outdoors. A certified dive master, he loves scuba diving and diving with the great white sharks at Seal Island in South Africa. He holds a 6 degree black belt in the art of self defence, and he also enjoys cliff climbing and running with the bulls in Papilloma, Spain, where he made it into the ring on his very first run.